Snowshoeing in the Alps - Sunset watched from the Schwarzwasserhut

Snowshoeing in the Austrian Alps

To prepare myself for the snow I was expecting to encounter in the Sierra Nevada during my hike on the Pacific Crest Trail, I booked a snowshoeing tour in the Austrian Alps. The tour took place in the famous Kleinwalsertal and involved climbing the Steinmandl at 1985m, eating some of the best mountain hut food and nearly getting lost in a white-out.
PCT gear list

PCT gear list

Choosing the right gear for a hike on the PCT can be very challenging. In my Lightweight PCT gear list I name every single item I carried with me on the PCT in 2016. Most of my gear stayed with me for the whole hike and I will take most of it with me on my next hike.
The new Lifetimetrails - paperdrafts of my new website

The new Lifetimetrails

In this post I will give a short insight into the work I did for the last weeks and point out where the website Lifetimetrails is going to develop in the future. Moving from a pure hiking blog into a more information based adventure travel blog featuring the best hiking trail information as well as giving unique insights into my life as a traveler. Enjoy reading!
Bear and black crows spanning their wings in the Trail Side Zoo

Trail Side Zoo & Goodbye

8th July We stayed at a fantastic small motel nearby. The motel was run by an older couple: He was from England and she was from Germany. Unfortunately I am so bad with names! Very nice people. We were even allowed to wash our clothes inside…

AT Day 3: Singing in the rain

7th July 5 miles Bushcamp (1398.2) to Fort Montgomery (1403.2) I woke up to the sound of dripping water. It had been raining all night an it still was when I opened my eyes. My sleeping bag was damp and the sides of the tent were sprinkled…

AT Day 2: Attacked by a tick

6th July 12.4 miles Bushcamp (1385.8) to Bushcamp (1398.2) After breakfast and packing up our tent we started with climbing and squeezing our bodies through some narrow rocky sections. Shepherd always took the difficult way and climbed…

AT Day 1: Trying to be a hiker again

5th July 16.1 miles Greenwood Lake (1369.7) to Bushcamp (1385.8) We started at Greenwood Lake, a small town only one and a half hours by bus from New York City. There was a side-trail of about one mile leading to the Appalachian Trail…
New York, New York

New York, New York

1st July - 4th of July My flight to New York was via Munich - for whatever reason this combination was the cheapest I could get. I left my Apartment around 6 am very early in the morning. the check-in at Stuttgart Airport was crowded and…

Time for a new adventure

Since mid-March I am back into the "normal" world of working. It took me a long time to finally find something I thought would be the chance of my life - regarding work. Very soon I had to realize that also a high-paid office job is just an…