E1 day 4 – Dandelion and cows

7. Mai 2018 Campground Vojens to Skodborg Shelter (Haraldsholm) 25,5 km At quarter to nine I left a sleepy Vojens behind and made my way along the usual farmways towards the village Jels. For the first ten kilometers I saw the usual…
E1 hiking gear list

E1 Hiking Gear List

For hiking to the North Cape in Norway on Europe's first long-distance hiking trail - short called "E1" - I had to pack nearly all of my hiking gear as I am expecting lots of rain and cold temperatures. Check out my E1 hiking gear list!

E1 day 3 – Sunday is icecream day

6. Mai 2018 Immervad Bro to Vojens campground 19,7 Km My hiking day started at ten past nine. My plan was to hike to Vojens campground and not further because of a lack of camping options afterwards. I loaded my pack with one and a…

E1 day 2 – Day of the dogs

5. Mai 2018 Shelter near Hojagervej to Immervad Bro 22 km Yesterday I went to sleep to the sounds of birds and nearby farm machines. I woke up to the sound of birds only. It was around seven and I didn't have a good nights sleep.…
European long-distance trail E1

E1 Day 1 – hiking and thinking

4. Mai 2018 Krusau to shelter near Hojagervej About 25 km Everything aches. I think I've already done too much... but it feels good to be on the trail again! After a relaxing night at Marlis place in Flensburg (found through AirBnb)…

Project Recovery

After the very disappointing end of my previous adventure - the attempt to cycle through Central and South America - I decided that I needed some time to forget. But what could I do? What would fix the never-ending emptiness I felt inside?…