Tour du Mont Blanc

Quick guide to hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc - TMB

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The Tour du Mont Blanc - TMB circles around Europe's highest peak the Mont Blanc at 4807m and provides 170 km of awesome hiking experience! Check it out!
E1 resupply

E1 Resupply

The European long-distance trail E1 runs through Europe's last wilderness in Scandinavia and promises some remote trail sections in Norway, Sweden and Finland. But remote areas put up some essential questions in regards to resupply. This is the E1 resupply planning I have done prior to my trip in May 2018!
E1 navigation and maps

E1 navigation and maps

How to navigate on the Scandinavian setion of the E1? Which maps should I use? E1 navigation and maps nails down the most essential information!

E1 day 12+13 Final decision

15./16. Mai 2018 Cabinn Hotel Arhus Some rounds around the block It was hard to decide. I just couldn't. Hike on or go home? Facing another failure in my life I felt unable to move my thoughts in either direction. It was already late…

E1 day 11 - Heading to Arhus

14. Mai 2018 Skovdalen B&B to Arhus Cabinn Hotel A few hundred meters between bus stops In the morning I left Skovdalen B&B to catch the bus to Silkeborg and from there to Arhus. Thankfully I took the offered ride from Jakob…

E1 day 10 - Resting

13. Mai 2018 Skovdalen B&B 0 km Today is kind of my first real and unfortunately unplanned zero. Starring at the white ceiling I was thinking about my options short after I woke up. With my mobile I checked buses to Veijle and Arhus.…

E1 day 9 - Stuck in Norre Snede

12. Mai 2018 Shelter past Norre Snede to Skovdalen B&B 2 km backwards It was already obvious yesterday evening when I hobbled around camp: I wouldn't be able to hike today. It took some very painful effort to leave the shelter and…

E1 day 8 - Hiking in pain

11. Mai 2018 Jelling B&B to shelter after Norre Snede 33,3 km Half a day of rest went by way too fast. After a nice muesli with fruit for breakfast I said a last thank you to my hosts and left the small town of Jelling. While walking…

E1 day 7 - Some rest in Jelling

10. Mai 2018 Vedsted shelter to Jelling B&B 13,2 km I woke up with just one thought in my head: Jelling! Why? The evening before I had booked a room in a B&B and after about 10 kilometers of hiking half a day of rest was waiting…

E1 day 6 - Lost on the Haervejen

9. Mai 2018 Laeborg campsite to Vedsted hut camp 30,7 Km + 2-3 km (my gps ran out of battery) Sleep didn't come easily last night. My legs were aching just too much. After a quick breakfast (I don't like the muesli I carry right now)…

E1 day 5 - Another hiker!

8. Mai 2018 Skodborg shelter (Haraldsholm) to Laeborg campsite 29,7 km Nearly 30 kilometers, puhhh! This morning I started my hike accompanied by one of my hiking problems: my left knee was aching like crazy. I thought all options…

E1 day 4 - Dandelion and cows

7. Mai 2018 Campground Vojens to Skodborg Shelter (Haraldsholm) 25,5 km At quarter to nine I left a sleepy Vojens behind and made my way along the usual farmways towards the village Jels. For the first ten kilometers I saw the usual…