PCT day 3 – First snow

Ridge Camp to Saddle junction (Idyllwild) 4 miles (+ 2.5 miles on sidetrail) The night was warmer than I expected. Gusts of wind were blowing through the campsite every now and then waking me up from a light sleep. It was around 5:30 when…

PCT day 2 – Challenges

Cedar Spring to Ridge campsite 12.7 miles (+ 1 on sidetrail) I woke up to the sound of birds and the noises of Salsa and Tables two fellow hikers who were aiming at an early start. My decision to camp close to Cedar Spring came with a pricetag…

PCT Day 1 – A new beginning

Paradise Valley Café to Cedar Springs 10,9 miles (+ 1 on sidetrail) My feet were digging into the sand of the Californian desert. I looked around. Behind me I could see the hill I have come down three years ago. Unable to proceed. Something…
PNT hiking gear list

Updated lightweight PCT & PNT hiking gear list 2019

With less than 100 things in my backpack I once again try to conquer America's most famous long-distance hiking trail: the Pacific Crest Trail. And afterwards I even want to go one step further! Will my well-selected gear get me through?