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From Oberstdorf to Kemptner Hut

Day 1: Oberstdorf to Kemptner Hut

Come with me on the famous Alpine Crossing from Oberstdorf to Meran! On day 1 we will hike through mountain meadows and along mountain streams from Oberstdorf to Kemptner hut at an elevation of 1844 meters.
Crossing the European Alps

Crossing the European Alps

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Crossing the European Alps is one of the must-do hiking trails in Europe! Lush green mountain meadows, crystal clear streams and impressive rock formations will guide you on your way from Oberstdorf to Meran. Get to know the tour and all essential details you need to know for the hike!
test hike: Zweitaelersteig Day ii

test hike: Zweitälersteig day II

I woke up to the call of a duck living on the little lake nearby. Obviously it was very excited about my presence so I tried to do my camp chores as quiet as possible. The night has been good so far. Not too many noices, only the occassional…
Test hike: Zweitälersteig Day 1

test hike: Zweitälersteig day I

Today I have been singing in the rain! I started around ten in the morning in Waldkirch. A small village in the Black Forrest. I hiked the trail I have chosen before in May 2015. This time it is meant to be my final overnight training for the…
Hiking the Treidlerweg along old arms of the rhine river

test hike: Treidlerweg

trail name: Treidlerweg length: 11,7 km location: Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany   The only proper training for backpacking is backpacking. So yesterday I have been out on another test hike. With all my base gear and some water I…