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PNT hiking gear list

Updated lightweight PCT & PNT hiking gear list 2019

With less than 100 things in my backpack I once again try to conquer America's most famous long-distance hiking trail: the Pacific Crest Trail. And afterwards I even want to go one step further! Will my well-selected gear get me through?
E1 hiking gear list

E1 Hiking Gear List

For hiking to the North Cape in Norway on Europe's first long-distance hiking trail - short called "E1" - I had to pack nearly all of my hiking gear as I am expecting lots of rain and cold temperatures. Check out my E1 hiking gear list!
PCT gear review Clothes hanging on my tent in Warner Springs

PCT gear review

Did people ever tell you "I like your pants"? Did you hike your fastest miles to wash deet out of your backpack? Or has an umbrella ever been your only shelter? All this happened to me and my gear on the Pacific Crest Trail. Curious?
PCT gear list

PCT gear list

Choosing the right gear for a hike on the PCT can be very challenging. In my Lightweight PCT gear list I name every single item I carried with me on the PCT in 2016. Most of my gear stayed with me for the whole hike and I will take most of it with me on my next hike.