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E1 day 3 - Sunday is icecream day

6. Mai 2018 Immervad Bro to Vojens campground 19,7 Km My hiking day started at ten past nine. My plan was to hike to Vojens campground and not further because of a lack of camping options afterwards. I loaded my pack with one and a…

E1 day 2 - Day of the dogs

5. Mai 2018 Shelter near Hojagervej to Immervad Bro 22 km Yesterday I went to sleep to the sounds of birds and nearby farm machines. I woke up to the sound of birds only. It was around seven and I didn't have a good nights sleep.…
European long-distance trail E1

E1 Day 1 - hiking and thinking

4. Mai 2018 Krusau to shelter near Hojagervej About 25 km Everything aches. I think I've already done too much... but it feels good to be on the trail again! After a relaxing night at Marlis place in Flensburg (found through AirBnb)…
Volcano Pacaya

Volcano Pacaya

With its last major eruption in 2014, volcano Pacaya, located just south of Guatemala-City, is a famous tourist destination. The volcano is easily accessible from Antigua and getting to the summit - or at least to a viewpoint - isn't too much of a challenge. Find out if you should take a guided tour or not!
Solo Hiking for Women - Hiking solo in the Black Forest in Germany

Solo Hiking for Women

Are you planning your first solo hike? Do you still feel a little unsure what to expect? I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail alone in 2016 and solo traveled the world for over a decade. In this episode of TrailTips "Solo Hiking for Women" I will tell you how you can become a stong and confident solo hiker!
Hiking injury: One of many rest breaks with my hiking injury on the PCT

How to deal with a hiking injury on a long-distance hike

Imagine you are out there on the AT, CDT, PCT or any other long-distance trail and you get injured. Is it the end? How should you react? What should you do? On day ten I was knocked out by a hiking injury on the Pacific Crest Trail. Find out how I managed to have a great comeback and continue my hike on the PCT!
View from the Similaun 3606m

Day 7: Climbing the Similaun 3606m

A major highlight of the tour is summitting the Similaun at 3606m! Fully equipped with crampons and ropes and accompanied by three mountain guides we hike through fields of crevasses on the Similaun glacier. The summit is our reward! A great final for a great tour!
Visit Frozen Fritz - Vent to Similaun hut

Day 6: Visiting Frozen Fritz - the Iceman

Day 6 of the Alpine Crossing starts with a short cimb and a very idyllic rest break at the Martin-Busch-hut. After watching the marmots play we hike on and it gets more demanding. As one of the highlight of the tour we visit the famous discovery place of the glacier mummy Frozen Fritz. Come with me and get to know this cold guy!
Braunschweiger hut to Vent via Alpine panorama trail

Day 5: Alpine Panorama Trail

Day 5 of the Euroean Alpine Crossing will show us how a famous ski area looks like in sommer. We will hike on a well-known alpine panorama trail and enjoy stunning views on our way to the village of Vent, an old mountaineering village.
Zams to Braunschweiger hut

Day 4: Zams to Braunschweiger hut

Today we will take the mountain railway, enjoy the very scenic alpine panorama and hike through a valley formed by glaciers. Our goal is the Braunschweiger hut at an elevation of 2760m. We will even meet an unusual animal on our way. Curious?
Memminger hut to Zams

Day 3: Memminger hut to Zams

On day 3 of the Alpine Crossing we face our first major descent. Starting at Memminger hut we have to ascent first and climb over a mountain pass. From there it's all downhill. But definitely not easy at all. There are lots of challenges waiting before we finally reach the village Zams in the valley.
Kemptner hut to Memminger hut

Day 2: Kemptner hut to Memminger hut

On day 2 of the Alpine Crossing we will cross the border into Austria. Descending through a beautiful valley, passing by a waterfall we will make our way to one of the main attractions of the regions! At the end of the day we will even hike in snow climbing up to over 2000 meters!