PCT WA Day 8 – Into Goat Rocks


Killen Creek Camp (2245.5) to Walupt Lake Trail Camp (2265.6)

20.1 miles

I had planned to do another 15 mile day but by accident it turned out to be a 20!

I slept in and stayed in my tent until I had to go for a morning pee. Most tents were gone and I started relaxed into the day. I had breakfast inside my sleeping bag and slowly packed my gear.

Mt Adams without clouds!
Nice and easy trail

The sky was a clear blue and the sun was out when I hiked down the trail. The first five miles to lava spring were all downhill. I was a bit sad as the trail led away from Mt Adams. But the last views were great and we got to see the majestic mountain without clouds.

Lava Spring was a nice little spring right next to a lava field. I love volcanic stuff! I was in paradise again hiking next to lava and the occasional pica.

Hiking thru a lava field
Lava Spring

Arriving at a forest road I got to enjoy my first real trail magic. Ron had mentioned this road to be a good spot. And so it was. A couple was giving away all kinds of things and so I enjoyed a fresh apple and some chips for lunch.

My next break was at a small stream along the way. I sat in the sun for a while and took of my shoes. My socks and shoes were still a little wet. And boy they are smelly!

Nice break at a small stream
One of the locals 😉

At some stage in the afternoon I finally entered Goat Rock Wilderness. It is supposed to be one of the most scenic sections of the PCT. My start here wasn’t too good. I aimed for a little stream and campsite around 15 miles in. Arriving there the mosquitoes ate me alive. No way I could stay there and so I hiked on. I carry some DEET since Trout Lake just in case but it’s better not to use it. I got some bites as I hiked on. Another four miles later at a trail junction I found a nice and mosquito free spot. Tonight I am camping with Sunrise. She has some pain in her back and I really hope she can get some sleep tonight.

I have some aches and pains myself. I must have bruised a tendon on top of my left foot and since this afternoon I have some pain on the outside of my right knee. Nothing too bad as of now. Only a couple more days and a half and I would be at White Pass. Until then Vitamin I had to do the job!

Camping with Sunrise (Brown tent in the back)
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