PNT day 13 – Ruby Ridge Trail


Trail Camp (217.6) to Fiest Creek Resort (230.2)

12.6 miles

My plan was to sleep in as I had only a short day to Fiest Creek Resort where I wanted to camp. David and Leo were already awake and I joined them for breakfast at the camp table. They even gave me my own camp chair to sit on! No wonder as they had their own company “Camp Time” in Spokane. Just as yesterday evening David entertained us with different stories all over the place. It was great and I had a hard time leaving! No wonder it was already quarter to ten when I hit the trail.

After quite a bit of uphill the trail went down to a road. When I saw the sign that reminded me that I am in Grizzly country I realized that I had just crossed the state border between Montana and Idaho. I was now hiking in PNT state number two! I immediately recognized a difference: in Idaho it seemed to be allowed that motorized vehicles used the trail as well. I could see the signs and around lunch I stepped aside to let two motocross riders pass. Usually I am for sharing the outdoors and trails but I didn’t really like what an off road motorcycle did to the trail. That’s maybe a bit too much.

Oh, and I’ve seen my first moose! It was a young one short after the road and it ran away as soon as it saw me. No wonder with all the hunting going on in these forests. From Randy I knew that even the bears got hunted.

Talking about bears… so here’s the sign with some information:

Do you know what kind of bear was that?

After lunch I started with a big downhill into the valley. It was getting hotter with every step and it was intimidating to see the mountains on the other side as I would have to climb up again. I shooted down the road thinking about what I should do. I wanted to get into town tomorrow. Should I do the climb today? But my legs felt so tired. Even going downhill was hard work!

I reached the car park at the trailhead and turned onto a paved road. Another .5 of a mile and I would reach the Fiest Creek Resort. It was known for being a very hiker-friendly place and the owners let us hikers camp in the backyard. I was also interested in some good food. I needed some energy.

As I arrived at the resort I bumped into Phoenix and DuPont. They had taken some time off in Bonners Ferry due to some health problems. Another guy named Snakefarm caught up from behind me. Finally I was seeing some other hikers!

I decided to stay at the resort for the night as it’s a nice place. Maybe Phoenix and DuPont are joining me, I am not sure right now. Hopefully the big climb goes well tomorrow and I can still get to town in time. It’s time for some rest!

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