PNT day 7 – Eureka


Blue Bird Lake Camp (113.3) to Eureka (132.9)

19.6 miles

After an early start at the lake the trail climbed up a very scenic ridge. From there I hiked a steep downhill and had to scramble over some fallen trees again.

Eventually the trail leveled off and met with an old mining road. I would follow this road for a while. Hiking down in huge switchbacks through the forest, I came close to the Canadian border again. I met a guy from the Border Patrol and we just wished each other a nice day.

Other than that the hike through the forest and close to the border was not spectacular at all. As I descended it got hotter and when the trail finally dipped into the valley and followed Burma Road it was very hot. Thankfully it was downhill. For the first time in a long time I put on sunscreen and even wore my sunglasses. As I descended through farmfields there was not much shade. I was also hiking a bit faster than usual as I wanted to get into town. I was sweating and my left heel was aching when a car came from the back. All I could think of was “if you are stopping now I’ll take the ride”. I was close to the Highway into town and hiking another two miles on a dangerous highway didn’t seem appealing to me. Although it’s technically the trail. But I am not a purist. I hike my own hike!

Guess what happened? Right, the car stopped. An older fellow asked me if I wanted a ride to town. Sure, I said, hopped in and ten minutes later I stood in front of the Silverado Motel where I would spend the night. Town chores could begin…

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