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Day 127: Leaving a hiker’s paradise

26. August    Callahan's Lodge (1716.1) to Spring Camp (1728.0)    11.9 miles    I woke up after a very comfortable night. I was sleeping on clouds. After a fantastic breakfast consisting of fresh fruits, hash browns and scrambled eggs…

Day 126: Callahan’s Lodge

25. August    Scary Camp (1710.0) to Callahan's Lodge (1716.1)    I woke up to some female voices. Were some wiches dancing around the monument? I sat up in my tent and checked the surroundings. Couldn't see anyone. A dream?  Suddenly some…

Day 125: Welcome to Oregon!

24. August    Ridge Camp (1691.1) to Scary Camp (1710.0)    18.9 miles    Soup and I planned on camping together last night but somehow he had missed the campsite. I stayed and set up Camp alone. Later I was joined by Aviator. She took…