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Today I am not writing about one of my hiking adventures but the rather unpleasant adventure of blogging and maintaining a website.

Lately I got a message from my hosting provider that told me that I am beyond the storage space of my hosting plan. Doing some fire fighting I reduced the size of my website a little bit during my last townstop. But that’s all I can do. Very soon I will hit the numbers again and I will not be allowed to upload any more files.

It’s a bit like renting an apartment and hanging pictures on the wall. One day it’s full and the only thing you can do is renting another apartment if you want to go on. Right now as I am on this hiking trip I do not have the time and resources to make my website smaller and reduce file sizes.

So the offer of my hosting provider for extended storage would come down to 160 Euros (180 Dollars) for the rest of the duration of my hosting plan (December 2020).

I was thinking back and forth the last days if I want to do that or not. Maintaining this website and writing a daily blogpost was mainly meant to take family and friends and those who are interested with me out on the trail.

There’s a lot I could write about a whole topic but to make a long story short: the simple truth is that right now I do not make money and I cannot afford to pay that amount of money just to keep this blog going. I have other expenses on this trip I need to cover (e.g. I just had to buy new shoes for 140 Dollars) and I need my money for hiking. I eat a lot!

So at some time when my storage is full my provider will shut down my uploading functions and there will be no further blogposts about my PNT adventure.

I apologize to those who liked to follow me along the trail and I hope you can understand. It’s just too much money for me at that time. Thank you for following!

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  1. Cindy (mom of Natalie “Lift-off”)
    Cindy (mom of Natalie “Lift-off”) says:

    I’ve enjoyed following your travels, Sonia, and I’ll miss the updates! Stay safe and enjoy 😊


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