The show must go on!

“You can’t stop. You’re not even halfway!” Clear words from my mum towards my forced attempt to stop blogging.

Well, I have to listen to my mum and then there’s also you. My readers. It’s people like you who have shown me lately that I should keep going – not only on trail but also online.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the funding of buying more disc space for Lifetimetrails. Your response was overwhelming and I think we can keep it going for a while!

It is always a great experience for me to meet people along the trail and some of you leave a special footprint in my life! Often I wish we would have more time! But who knows?! Maybe we will meet again at another place and another time! I definitely hope so.

So well, now it’s getting technical again. At one of my next town stops I will sit down and upgrade my hosting package. I apologize in advance for any technical issues that might come up afterwards. I am not a pro but I hope it’s going smooth.

We’re not even halfway to the ocean. The show must go on!

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  1. Gudrun
    Gudrun says:

    Hallo liebe Sonja, wir wünschen Dir morgen einen besonders schönen Tag! Viele schöne Erlebnisse und gute Begegnungen!
    Machs gut und hab viel Spaß weiterhin.
    Liebe Grüße Gudrun und Peter


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