E1 day 11 – Heading to Arhus


14. Mai 2018

Skovdalen B&B to Arhus Cabinn Hotel

A few hundred meters between bus stops

In the morning I left Skovdalen B&B to catch the bus to Silkeborg and from there to Arhus. Thankfully I took the offered ride from Jakob (the owner of the B&B) to the bus station. I wanted to minimize my walking distance at least a little bit and rest my foot.

Arriving in Arhus I made my way to the Cabinn Hotel. It was the cheapest hotel offering a private room with bathroom I could find. And it was exactly what the name promises: a cabin!

I checked in before lunch and then decided to explore the city a little bit. Sitting around in a small room all day would drive me crazy! First of all I wanted to go to the harbor. That’s why I was here: to see the ocean! I was looking around at the harbor and was impressed how clean and tidy everything in Arhus is. My ocean experience was not that fancy though. I hope I can continue hiking and see more of the ocean in more remote areas.

The skyline of Arhus harborA couple of boats at Arhus harbor

The center of Arhus is very nice too. There’s a river going through and cafes and restaurants were busy. Lots of people enjoyed Denmark’s early summer. I made my way to the supermarket and bought some supplies for the next couple of days. On my way back I found a nice cafe nearby offering a cheap breakfast buffet. I might test it tomorrow.

The dome of ArhusLots of people enjoying an early summer in ArhusView from a bridge in Arhus

Tomorrow I also have to make a final decision. Will I be able to hike on or not? I was planning for it and sorted some gear I wanted to send home to lighten my pack. Every little bit helps, I hope.

If I hike on it will be with a big question mark. I cannot be sure that my foot and knees will be alright. Lately I recognized a sore spot on my right knee. The same spot that bothered me on the PCT. I am afraid of this and unsure what to do.

What do you think?

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  1. Dina
    Dina says:

    Some weeks ahoi I had to change my plans to cycle to the Mediterranean. I returned in Lyon. These two days before maling my final decision were not easy. If you decide to continue please do it very slowly. If you decide to cancel, please try to accept it. It is not a failure, it is an experience. If one door gets closed onother will open.

    • lifetimetrails
      lifetimetrails says:

      Thank you Dina! Yes, it’s not easy to make a final decision. But you are right about the experience. It was definitely a nice summer hike and has helped me in many ways. I am curious what’s behind the next door 😉


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