13. Mai 2018

Skovdalen B&B

0 km

Today is kind of my first real and unfortunately unplanned zero. Starring at the white ceiling I was thinking about my options short after I woke up. With my mobile I checked buses to Veijle and Arhus. Going to Arhus would mean skipping 3-4 days of hiking and I could rest another couple of days without loosing too much time. Just money.

Right now it is my favorite idea. It’s way too early to give up my hiking plans and I even thought about hitting the trail again tomorrow. A little bit crazy given the pain that attacked me when I left my bed.

For most of the day I was lying on the couch, reading through an English book my hosts gave me. Very nice people!

Ibuprofen and the application of Tiger Balm were probably the only things I could do against my injury. And positive thinking. I try hard but sometimes it seems impossible. Why did this happen to me again?

Ibuprofen, Tiger Balm and a good book - my weapons against a hiking injury!

I forced the bad thoughts aside and tried some Danish chips/crisps. They are not too bad at all! For tonight I will have some distraction as well: my hosts invited me to a barbecue! Yes!! Hopefully afterwards I will be ready to make a final decision for tomorrow.

Chips made in Denmark - not too bad!

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  1. Dina
    Dina says:

    Thinking of my own crises when touring I understand how challenging the situation is. I keep my fingers crossed for you.


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