E1 day 9 – Stuck in Norre Snede


12. Mai 2018

Shelter past Norre Snede to Skovdalen B&B

2 km backwards

It was already obvious yesterday evening when I hobbled around camp: I wouldn’t be able to hike today. It took some very painful effort to leave the shelter and go a couple of steps away for my morning bathroom break.

Back in the sleeping bag I checked my options. I was close to Norre Snede but there didn’t seem to be any accommodation options. But there was a busstop and so I checked for buses to Skanderborg and Arhus along the trail. – Nope. The only option I found was a bus to Veijle which was close by and had some hotels. The cheapest one at something above 80 Euros per night. From Veijle I could get better transportation to towns along the trail or even back home.

Back home. Was this already an early end to my trip? I know my body a little bit and the pain in my foot didn’t feel like something that would go away in a day or two. It felt like my body didn’t want to hike anymore.

I checked Norre Snede again and found a B&B for 350 DKK (48 Euro) per night. It was a little ways back on trail in the direction from where I came. After breakfast (two muesli bars and some Ibuprofen) I packed my bag, put on my shoes and head off in the wrong direction. Every step on my right foot was painful. I had tears in my eyes. Not so much because of the pain – it was more because of the upcoming failure. Again. Could I do anything successfully at all?

Maybe hiking to the North Cape has never been the right idea. An idea out of despair and to fight a loss I could never compensate. At least the preparation for the trail and the gear had provided some distraction and kept me from going crazy a few weeks ago.

In a very well-known hiker hobble I made my way back to the road that would lead me to the B&B. It was before noon when I checked in. It is an okay place. Only okay because a TV is missing, therefore hanging out here will be quite boring.

My hosts are nice people and already offered to bring me a pizza and stuff if I needed anything. I refused for now and after a quick look around made my way to the supermarket in town. 800 meters. I hobbled very slow but on trail I love being in supermarkets and select my food. I bought enough to help me survive the next couple of days.

Food for a couple of days rest in Norre Snede

I will give my foot some time and rest until Monday. Then I can either hike on or I will make my way back home. Let’s hope for the best!

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