E1 day 6 – Lost on the Haervejen


9. Mai 2018

Laeborg campsite to Vedsted hut camp

30,7 Km + 2-3 km (my gps ran out of battery)

Sleep didn’t come easily last night. My legs were aching just too much. After a quick breakfast (I don’t like the muesli I carry right now) I started hiking ahead of Clemens. For some reasons it took him ages to pack up his stuff. But it was no problem as I wanted to visit the supermarket in Baekke only 3,5 km down the trail.

I was enjoying a pizza bread for breakfast when Clemens arrived. Together we hiked on and enjoyed the nice weather. The trail was mostly on asphalted roads today and not as nice and scenic as yesterday. An exception were of course the cows and horses along the way. In the morning when I still had the strength I even made a little dance for a group of interested cows. Crazy?! Maybe! But the cows liked it.

The cows have young calves right nowSome horses along the trail

We just had stopped in the village of Fitting for a break and to air out our feet when I checked my mobile. Strange enough the village Fitting was not on the E1. At least if the GPX tracks I use are right. We were confused because we had followed the Haervejen signs all the time and we were definitely on it. Maybe the Haervejen and the E1 have a different route for some time. I still don’t know. However, we decided to stay on the Haervejen which would definitely reunite with the E1 in Jelling. It turned out that the trails reunite much earlier and follow the local trail Bindeballenstien for a while. A local trail with some nice campsites and shelters along the way.

Haervejen and E1 meet BindeballenstienMe on one of the bridges

Tonight we will sleep in one of these well-maintained looking shelters. It’s a place called Vedsted and in the shelters next to us is a group of noisy scouts. I hope they are familiar with hiker’s midnight…

Our hut at Vedsted campgroundHome for the night - a hut at Vedsted campground

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