E1 day 4 – Dandelion and cows


7. Mai 2018

Campground Vojens to Skodborg Shelter (Haraldsholm)

25,5 km

At quarter to nine I left a sleepy Vojens behind and made my way along the usual farmways towards the village Jels. For the first ten kilometers I saw the usual farm fields, farm buildings and occasionally smelled the cow dung. The latter is used for fertilizing the fields and seemed to be popular in Denmark. I would get to see the producers – cows – later in the day. For most of the hike today I was accompanied by the bright yellow color of flowering dandelions. Sometimes there was a whole meadow full of them.

Cows along the trailThe E1 follows a riverField of dandelion flowers

At 4 pm I arrived in Jels and went to the supermarket to stock up on water and snacks (this reminds me that I have to note down my costs).

Apart from farmfields the trail went along a nice little river for a while and also a bit more remote through some forest. That’s also where I am camping tonight. Some kilometers after Jels I found another nice little shelter and called it home for the night.

The small town of JelsA Viking boat on a lake near Jels

The loneliness makes me crazy. I miss a companion. I thought it would be helpful to be out here all by myself to forget and recover but I have some daubts.

Let’s turn to the hiking problems I need to solve as well. On Thursday a thunderstorm is coming and I want to be somewhere dry. It would also be the right time for a zero. Maybe.

Today my left knee was giving me a hard time and I hope it doesn’t end my trip. Since the PCT I know it can happen fast. And with the Danish price niveau being so high my only option when injured would be going home. But let’s hope for the best right now!

The third problem is my backpack. It’s way to heavy and there’s hardly any space for additional food. I need to solve that problem until I leave Denmark. In Sweden and Norway I will have to carry way more food. Some stuff I could get rid off is already on my mind but it’s not much. And what else?

The thoughts of a hiker…. For now it’s a lonely night in my tent. Hopefully sleep will come fast!

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