E1 day 7 – Some rest in Jelling


10. Mai 2018

Vedsted shelter to Jelling B&B

13,2 km

I woke up with just one thought in my head: Jelling! Why? The evening before I had booked a room in a B&B and after about 10 kilometers of hiking half a day of rest was waiting for me. My legs and shoulders needed it!

Again I started hiking ahead of Clemens. For some reason he needed more time in the morning to get started. Well, men!

The trail was on asphalt all the way to Jelling. The hard underground just wears everything down. To do my joints and bones a favor I try to walk on the sidestrip of the road as much as I can, may it be grass or dirt. Everything is better than asphalt!

A bridge before JellingCrossing a river on a bridge before JellingA nice pink flowering tree along the E1

Clemens caught up after a while and together we passed a nice lake with an official campground and a lake-side restaurant. Once again I was surprised how extinct everything in Denmark looked. In Germany a restaurant like that would be full of people on a nice day. Here in Denmark people seemed to keep more to themselves…

Denmark. Little did I know about our neighbor country in the north. Looking at some of the information boards along the trail I saw the languages Danish, English and German. Thinking about it I realized that Germany was the only neighbor country for Denmark! It’s a shame I didn’t know more about the culture, language and people.

But hey, here I am! Hiking through a country is a good way to get to know the people and the culture. In total the E1 will cover 350 kilometers in Denmark before it reaches Grenaa from where I will take the ferry to Sweden.

But it’s one step at a time. For now I arrived in Jelling. It was time to say goodbye to Clemens. I was glad because hiking on together would have meant not hiking at my pace, not making breaks whenever I want and so on. It was to early to hike with someone else. I wonder if I will meet another hiker again who hikes the same trail all the way to the North Cape…

UNESCO World Heritage site in Jelling

I checked in at the B&B. 550 DKK which is around 74 Euros for one night! Denmark is super expensive!! But hopefully there will be just one more reststop for me until I make my way to Sweden.

The B&B is not what I would expect for that price but it is okay. It’s basically the whole basement of a private house. A little strange and unusual is the shower in the kitchen room. But the couple that lives upstairs is very nice and they have a couple of nice dogs! Apart from the high price (who knows, it might be a good price for Denmark!) it’s a very nice place to rest and relax!

My room at the B&B after my gear explosion

To make the bill complete I went to a restaurant and ordered a burger with fries. Probably my first and last restaurant meal in Denmark. I paid 149 DKK (20 Euro) for a burger with fries and 32 DKK (4,30 Euro) for the beer I tried from the local brewery. The size of that beer was 0,25l!!

Oh well, one time you have to try, right?!

Burger and fries at the Boyens Cafe in Jelling

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