E1 day 3 – Sunday is icecream day


6. Mai 2018

Immervad Bro to Vojens campground

19,7 Km

My hiking day started at ten past nine. My plan was to hike to Vojens campground and not further because of a lack of camping options afterwards. I loaded my pack with one and a half liters of water. Resupply, especially for water, seemed to be more a challenge here on the E1, compared to the PCT. With Halfmile’s maps, Guthook’s app and the water report hiking the PCT is very easy in regards to logistics. There’s nothing like that for the E1.

The trail led parttime along roads and farmways or as a small path through the woods – my favorite! I passed some nice lakes and waterholes and could imagine that flies will be a serious problem later in the year.

A nice view towards a waterholeThe E1 trail leading through a gateA beautiful lake invited you for a rest stop

Around midday I passed a local restaurant but it looked way too fancy for a hiker like me and so I kept going. Leaving a road I saw an Italian flag next to a sign. Could there be an Italian restaurant on trail? After another couple of kilometers I had the answer: a sign next to a house promised all kinds of coffees and cappuccinos. A board displayed icecream! But the place looked closed. In the back a man was vacuum cleaning his car. I tried in English and asked about the Cafe. It turned out that the man and also his wife could speak German. Only a couple of minutes later I was the happy owner of a chocolate-covered icecream. The Cafe was not open yet, I was hiking ahead of season. Sounded familiar.

Sunday icecream!!

After my well-earned Sunday treat I hiked on, enjoying the sunshine. Occasionally parts of my surroundings reminded me again of my time in Central America, my time with Brad. Strange enough it’s the good moments we had that torture my soul and of course the unanswered questions of “Why?” and “Why me?”. What about all the lies and pretending? What about the betrayal? No, it’s mainly the good moments. The man I wanted to have in my life, the dream that finally seemed to come true…

I pushed these thoughts aside. Time to make another photo of the wonderful white flowering trees around me. Don’t you think?!

Beautiful white-flowering tree on the E1

It was around 4 pm when I forced my already hurting body into the small town of Vojens. The campground was right next to the trail. I looked around. The only other people were two permanent campers with canary birds in front of their mobile home.

It turned out that I had to make a phone call for check-in. Afterwards I pitched my tent and searched for the next supermarket. I deserved a wonderful dinner. The next open supermarket was a 500 meter walk. Well…. I had a lot of time and so I left my stuff together with my trust in other people in my tent and made my way to the supermarket.

My wonderful dinner consisted of a chicken salad followed by a bag of chips. I don’t ask for much. I’m easy to have!

See you tomorrow!

I love bridges!And horses along the trail!My campsite at Vojens campground

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