PNT day 33 & 34 – Oroville


Bench camp (575.3) to Oroville (578.3)

3 miles

The birds sang and I could hear them through my ear plugs. Same for the traffic on the highway in The Valley.

I was nearly out of water and so I started my walk into town quite early. Oroville was just another three miles along the Highway. It wasn’t a fun walk and my foot was hurting and so I was happy when I slowly entered the outskirts of what is known as the PNTs halfway town.

It’s not exactly halfway but from here I will enter the Pasayten wilderness with no access to a town for a while.

Oroville seemed like a nice little town. As it was very early I decided to find a restaurant for a second breakfast. The diner I was aiming at was closed and so I went to the Pizza, Pasta, bakery on the opposite side of the motel I would be staying in.

A breakfast sandwich, two Baklavas and roughly two liters of Pepsi refueled my tired body. I went over to the Camaray Motel and talked to Clyde – one of the owners. First thing he gave me an additional discount only hikers get and I already loved the place straight away. Clyde was awesome and helped me out with boxes and sending stuff ahead. He’s better than any post office!

As my room wasn’t cleaned up yet I sat down in the lobby and started planning the next section right away. I also had to plan my campsites for the Cascades National Park and get a permit for that. Nearly done with planning I could check into my room around noon. As a special treat to myself I had booked the Jacuzzi room. Look at that!

Clyde has given me the key for the laundry room (laundry is free for us hikers!) and so I could start my usual town chores.

I wanted to spend as much time as possible just lying on the bed, relax and rest my foot. As I am writing these lines I am just about to head out and hit the trail again. Time in this little oasis went by way too quick. My foot is still a bit hurting (I’ll see how it goes hiking) and the rest of me is still tired.

It’s hard to say goodbye to Oroville and the Camaray Motel which is an awesome place to stay – even if you’re not a hiker. Sandy and Clyde are just awesome people!

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