PNT day 51 – Breakfast and British Army Trail


Sketchy Camp (910.4) to Lily Lake Camp (922.0)

11.6 miles

Although my chosen campsite was a bit creepy I had a good nights sleep and didn’t want to leave my cozy bag when my watch said it’s time to do so. I had no more breakfast stuff and so I ate half a chocolate bar. The small town of Alger wasn’t far that’s where I planned to do a small resupply.

Ten minutes down the mountain I hit the road and walking down the road at 8:30 was obviously prime time for the morning traffic. I was nearly in Alger when a woman parked at the side of the road came towards me and asked me for her son hiking the PNT. Turned out her son was Indie and she invited me for breakfast. We drove to the Trillium Gate where the trail left the road again to head into the forest. There we waited for Indie, Rip and Hummingbird. When they arrived breakfast could begin. Indies mum had brought all kinds of good stuff like an egg casserole, cinnamon rolls and fresh fruits. It was awesome! Having not too many miles to do today (due to the lack of good camping options in this section) we sat together until past ten. Then we said a big thank you for this wonderful breakfast and goodbye to Indies mum.

From the gate the trail climbed up through the forest and descended towards a nice lake. From the lake it was down to a car park and the back onto a road again. As it was already midday this roadwalk was hot and the water situation wasn’t the best. I had about a liter for the next five miles, mostly climbing. I was glad when the road was over and the trail dove into a shaded forest again. It was still uphill though.

The last mile or so of the climb was called the British Army Trail before I reached Lizard Lake – a beautiful lake with a fantastic campsite. I had talked to the other three hikers and our plan was to go a bit further and camp on top of Oyster Dome.

And so I went further, passed Lily lake and climbed Oyster Dome which was a bit off trail. The view of Pudget Sound from up there was quite spectacular but I couldn’t see any campsites.

I went back to the last trail junction and decided to backtrack one mile to Lily lake and the campground there. Further along the trail would be no camping options and I would soon hit the Highway again.

Back at Lily Lake I went to the campground which was nice too and pitched my tent. Soon Indie, Rip and Hummingbird showed up and decided to join me for camping. It was Indies last night on the trail as he had some other adventures coming up with his family. We had a nice camp fire at the lake front and stayed up well past hiker midnight. Tomorrow we would head towards Bow and it’s bakery followed by Edison and a fancy restaurant. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?!

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