PNT day 52 – Chuckanut Drive & Bay View Road


Lily Lake Camp (922.0) to Bay View State Park (937.1)

15.1 miles

The group was active very early and so I ended up starting hiking before 7 am. But it was good as we were all heading towards the famous bakery of Bow.

The trail went downhill through the forest – a well-established trail – and descended onto Chuckanut Drive. A road we had to follow for a while. Actually from now on it would all be roadwalking until past Anacortes. So the whole of today and most of tomorrow. We all decided to head for Bay View State Park and it’s established campground as there were limited camping options in this area. It left us with only fifteen miles and enough time to visit all bakeries along the way.

One mile after Bow came Edison with another bakery. I am at the ocean by the way. Walking on the flat road I can often smell an ocean breeze and sometimes I have some nice views of Pudget Sound. It is great!!

The landscape has changed a lot, it’s mostly farmland along the roads and the farm buildings look well-maintained. I’ve seen a lot different stuff along the trail! For the Germans amongst you: it looks a bit like the Ostfriesland of the United States. The small hamlet of Edison had some kind of a special Charme to it. Like a small ocean town.

We arrived at Bay View in the afternoon, had a shower and waited for Indies wife. It was his last day! We all drove to an Oyster farm together and afterwards to a pub for some real food. It was a great evening with great company and we are all sad that Indie is off-trail now. We will for sure miss him!

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