PNT day 53 – Fidalgo Island


Bay View State Park (937.1) to John Tursi Trail Camp (962.5)

Approx. 20 miles

Again there was no way to sleep in as I shared the campsite with Hummingbird and Rip. So I got up and hiked early again thinking it was an advantage to use the cold morning hours of the day. From Bay View State Park it was a short Walk along the road until I could get off and follow the Padilla Bay trail for a while. It was a cloudy morning and the landscape looked kind of grey.

There wasn’t much difference in color between the sky and the marshy wetlands. I was heading towards Anacortes and Fidalgo Island. But before I would get there I had to walk a couple of miles along State Route 20 which was a bit sketchy. Until the bridge over the Swinomish River only half a Meter divided me from fast driving cars and trucks.

Although I’ve seen too many beer cans on the side of the road I trust American car drivers a lot. Most are very polite and pull over to give me a lot of space. On the big bridge over the river I was “protected” by a fence between me and the cars.

Leaving State Route 20 and Walking down the much more quiet Marsh Point Road I prepared for taking a shortcut. Instead of rounding a peninsula with a Shell oil refinery on it I just took the road straight across. Unfortunately I was unexpectedly followed by some mosquitos. Really? Here as well?? A small coffee shop on the side of the road promised some relief for the length of a coffee and I bumped into Hummingbird and Rip again. Maybe for the last time on this trip. I thought I would see them again in Anacortes but I didn’t.

The road went along the shore on one side and the Shell refinery on the other until a nice wooden pedestrian and bicycle bridge crossed over to Fidalgo Island.

Looking at a lot of nature signs I was wondering how all this could go together with the refinery close by. But well, we all drive cars right?

Crossing this part of Pudget Sound I stopped every now and then to watch the seagulls hunting for shellfish and I even saw some seals! They were shy though and of course under water until I got my camera ready.

Over in Anacortes I soon left the trail to head directly to the southern end of town center and my lunch place of choice: a Thai restaurant. It was time for some vegetables! I ate way too much and felt a little sick afterwards.

Hiking through some suburbs and on Heart Lake Road I went directly south while the main route went further north through more of Anacortes.

But I figured I’ve seen enough of town and I wanted to get to the only place where there might be a potential campsite which was on the John Tursi Trail further south on the island. On my way there I stopped at the Erie Lake Store and my stomach was ready for some ice cream again. I’ve lost a lot of weight and I somehow try to regain some before the Olympics.

On the John Tursi Trail I passed a creepy cave (I went all the way in!), the rest of an old cabin and some other potential campsites.

I ended up short before the end of the trail on a grassy ridge with lake view. Unfortunately State Route 20 is on the other side of the lake and very noisy. But that’s what earplugs are for, right? Hopefully I will sleep well tonight! Tomorrow I will get picked up at Deception Pass for a much needed rest. I am very excited about this and I don’t want to be a too tired guest. Good night!

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