PNT day 68 – Hoh River


Bogachiel State Park (1156.6) to Hoh River Camp (1178.4)

21.8 miles

I sat at the picnic table at my campsite and started writing a blogpost when two men with three big dogs showed up. They asked for the river. I pointed in the rough direction and somehow a conversation was started. One of them invited me to their campsite just in case I was bored. Which I actually was as I had arrived at the State Park very early. And so I headed over to their campsite after I had finished my own stuff. Jason and his friend had a Jeep and a big teardrop Trailer as well as a small fence around their campsite because of the dogs. We would see later in the evening that it wasn’t an obstacle at all for our four-legged friends. I sat down for a beer and to enjoy the campfire as well as the quite comical scene of Jason and his friend preparing dinner. It was the best entertainment I got in a while. Although dangerous looking the three dogs were just wonderful and we all had a great evening together. Needless to say that I was of course invited for dinner.

Happy and well fed I made my way back to my tent and I had a wonderful night. Not even the rain that fell in the morning could disturb me. Of course my tent was wet when I woke up but I didn’t care. Time to get started with the last section of the PNT!

Today would be my last big day – in terms of mileage. From Bogachiel State Park I had to walk 0.7 miles on Highway 101 until I could turn off on a forest road. There wasn’t much traffic early in the morning and walking along the Highway wasn’t too bad. I crossed the Bogachiel River and then took a right onto the first forest road of today.

Paved at first and slightly uphill the road led through the usual forest. I passed a couple of freaky abandoned cars. Unfortunately something usual along the PNT and something I would definitely not miss at all. Didn’t anyone care about these cars? What happened to the owners?

The following collection of forest roads was fairly level or downhill and the forest was mostly looking the same. Only one short section was a bit too overgrown as far as I am concerned but I thought well, it’s the last time!

Around lunchtime I arrived at the bridge over Goodman Creek where I stopped for lunch and hung up my tentfly to dry.

Ready to go again I hiked uphill again until I reached about 600 ft. I had some kind of views but the cloudy sky and occasional drizzle didn’t make for a wonderful hiking experience. The last road I turned onto was the Oil City Road which led along the Hoh River to the ocean. I hiked a bit further than planned and set up camp short before the National Park Boundary. I am camping next to the Hoh River on public land but unfortunately I am also camping next to the road. But there won’t be too much traffic – who wants to go to a trailhead at night? – and I was already invited by a local to come on his property if there’s any problem or I am bored.

Well, tonight I will not be bored as I have to sleep. Tomorrow I need to get up early to be on time for my first tidal crossings!

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