PNT day 60 – Larry Scott Trail to Discovery Bay


Port Townsend (1000.3) to Salmon Creek Camp (1015.1)

14.8 miles + 1.1 miles on Alternate

Only the dogs barked when I left the trail angels place. To be honest my night there hasn’t been my best. I could hear mice running around in the ceiling all night and it made me very uncomfortable. Anyways, I was thankful for the nice place to stay and left a note in the guestbook.

The roads took me down again towards the Food Coop where I got a cool drink before I left town. Then I walked down to the marina where I hit the Larry Scott Trail. For the next seven miles or so I shared a wide and well maintained trail with Port Townsend’s cyclists and dog walkers.

The trail ended at a Trailhead close to Four Corners Road and a gas Station from where I should hike on on Highway 20. After a while of searching for an alternate and not finding one I decided to hitch to Discovery Bay. The roadwalk would have been just too dangerous.

It took a while but then an older guy stopped and took me to the small store at Discovery Bay. I went into the small grocery store and bought some icecream. I wasn’t in a rush as the hitch had saved me a lot of time and I didn’t need to hike much further.

I hiked towards Salmon Creek Road and after crossing a bridge over Salmon Creek the trail turned left into something that looked like a private driveway. And it was. I double checked with my GPS and indeed it was also the trail! Not long and I reached a sheet of paper that welcomed us PNT hikers and explained the property. Past a house was a big trailer, after the trailer came a gate and a woodshed and after the next gate came the Hiker cabin. I was welcomed to stay overnight, pick apples and plums and use the outhouse. What a surprise! I started to make my way towards the Hiker cabin when a tiny little dog started to bark at me. It was Daisy, the dog of Alice – the woman who lived in the trailer. The start was done and Alice invited me to some water and watermelon. We chatted for a while but then I took off to check out the cabin. Was it a place where I could stay the night?

The cabin was quite nice looking and would be an awesome place to hide from rainy and cold weather. But I prefer staying in my tent. I went back to Alice’ trailer and pitched my tent “next door”. And there came my next dinner invitation! My backpack would stay heavy for another while as I wasn’t supposed to eat Ramen tonight. Sitting in a trailer that looked more like a house we had fresh salad, veggies, potatoes and Hot Dogs. Alice told me some amazing travel stories and the evening ended by her offering me to pick me up from Ozette at the end of my trip. What an offer!

Afterwards I got to meet Greg – the owner of the property and trail angel as well as Adventure Muffin, another PNT hiker. He had started in Oroville and cycled from Concrete to here. We talked for a short while but it got late and so I said goodnight and went into my tent. What a day!

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