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PNT day 72 – Cape Alava

Norwegian Memorial Camp (1207.1) to Cape Alava (1217.0) 9.9 miles When I left my tent early in the morning at 6 am it wasn't only misty, it was drizzling and everything was wet. It looked like I would never see the sun today! I went back into…
Pacific Northwest Trail

PNT day 71 – Tidal challenges

Hole-in-the-Wall Camp (1199.7) to Norwegian Memorial Camp (1207.1) 7.4 miles Today's coastal hike wasn't too easy and I was stopped way too early by tidal restrictions. But let's start at the beginning.... Once again I had to leave Camp…

PNT day 70 – La Push & Quillayute River

Scott Creek Camp (1190.4) to Hole-in-the-Wall Camp (1199.7) 9.3 miles I woke up and stayed in my sleeping bag until 7:30. There was no rush as I wanted to go around Scott's Bluff which required a tide of only 1 ft. This would be the case short…

PNT day 69 – Wilderness Coast

Hoh River Camp (1178.1) to Scott Creek Camp (1190.7) 12.6 miles I woke up early because I was excited. But I was also tired and so I was lying awake in my tent from around 4:30 to 6:30. It was past seven when I walked down the road towards…

PNT day 68 – Hoh River

Bogachiel State Park (1156.6) to Hoh River Camp (1178.4) 21.8 miles I sat at the picnic table at my campsite and started writing a blogpost when two men with three big dogs showed up. They asked for the river. I pointed in the rough direction…