PNT day 57 & 58 – permits and more


While I was staying at Kay and Dale’s place on Whidbey Island they had some other friends staying at their house as well. Liz arrived to show her mother the area. We had dinner and a wonderful oatmeal breakfast made by Dale together and they offered me a ride to Port Angeles. It worked out pretty well as I still needed to get my permits. From Port Angeles I wanted to get back to Port Townsend and hike on from there.

But before I had two more unplanned rest days at Liz’ wonderful oceanview house and I enjoyed the time off my feet a lot. We cooked together and one evening we watched a very old movie on an even older TV. It was great fun!

I don’t know if I am allowed to write that but I have to. My new friends I got to know and stayed with in the last week are all in their 70s or older. Liz mom is even 95!

You guys are just awesome! Apart from all the experience and wisdom you have I always felt we are not far apart – in terms of age. You all stayed young in your mind and you are still unstoppable! It was a great honor for me to meet you all and if I get beyond 70 myself I hope I can be like you!

Lots of goodbyes later and with the right permits in my pocket I got dropped off by Liz at my next destination: the post office of Port Townsend.

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  1. mary
    mary says:

    So happy it all worked out! We have more friends in that area, but they were traveling. Glad that you have not been scared off of the aging process.


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