PNT day 22 – Metaline Falls


Sullivan Lake Camp (336.6) to Metaline Falls (346.9)

10.3 miles

My group started packing up at 4:30 am to race to town and have breakfast. As I was already awake… well… I was hiking before 6 am. Last in the row but as early as ever!

After leaving the lake the trail followed a paved road and two miles before town even hit State Highway 31. The hike on the state Highway was fairly dangerous although there wasn’t too much traffic. Still I found myself standing in the bushes a few times to be out of the way of some big trucks passing by.

When I arrived at Metaline Falls I made my way to the one and only breakfast cafe and smiled about the sign “town center”. Metaline Falls consists of the Historic Washington Hotel, a Café, a bar and grill, a grocery store as well as a small movie theater that only shows on weekends (bummer!).

There’s also a nicely restored train Waggon that someone had turned into a lovely visitor center. Besides some information about town the Waggon contains a few shelves with books for sale. I am now the proud owner of a 25-Cents book that I will carry up the next mountain.

After breakfast we checked into the room we shared at the Historic Washington Hotel. A lovely place from another time with awesome and very Hiker-friendly people running it! The hot shower I had was awesome and I already think about having another one before I leave.

The rest of the day contained the usual town chores: laundry, resupply, blogging, planning… And now it’s dinner time!

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