PNT day 21 – Sullivan Lake


Trail Junction (314.6) to Sullivan Lake Camp (336.6)

22 miles

The day began as yesterday had ended: wet. It wasn’t raining but I had to hike through brush again and was drenched after a few steps.

Eventually the trail climbed onto a saddle and after a while led along a green mountainside with dead trees on it. It must have burned here a while ago. For me it was good to be out in the open. The views were nice and I was right there on time when the clouds gave way to some sunshine. Would it become a nice hiking day?

I hiked up another ridge and decided to stop for an early lunch and dry out my tent and feet. The look at the clouds ahead wasn’t too promising. But for now I could rest in the sunshine and eat one of my gems – Wilma’s muesli bars. I have only a couple left and need to get the recipe. I want to make some back home in Germany!

With a dry tent in my backpack and still with wet feet I hiked on. I descended along the mountain when I heard a “Hello”. Bears don’t say hello, do they? It turned out it was another PNT hiker. Indie from Seattle was hiking with two others – Hummingbird and Rip – who were further behind. Indie and I hiked for a while together and chatted about the hike. They had done the Lion Head Ridge and so I got to hear that it was pretty tough. Nothing for me as a solo hiker! At the next climb I had to let him go as I could hardly keep up with his pace.

We met again when the trail crossed a road and I also got to meet Hummingbird. Town plans were made as we will arrive in Metaline Falls tomorrow.

For tonight we are all camping together at Sullivan Lake. It is a not ideal campsite and my tent sits at an angle. The boys and also Hummingbird want to get up super early to hike the last eight miles to town and be there for breakfast. I am not sure yet… I might get up early too but I hate to rush and late breakfast or even lunch would be sufficient for me. Let’s see.

Here’s the view out of my tent towards the lake and my poorly hung Ursack. In the Colville National Forest (and all other forests which are yet to come) it is “unlawful” to just do an Ursack hang. But: How the hell can I properly hang my food if there’s no tree around for that?

I don’t feel uncomfortable. Yesterday evening I even had dinner in my tent. So much for the bears… I am way more afraid of thousands of mosquitos!

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  1. joan wendt
    joan wendt says:

    Hang in there, Sonja! I read your post every day with a big smile on my face even though I feel sorry about your wet feet and your ardent mosquito fan club. Love from edinburgh.

    • lifetimetrails
      lifetimetrails says:

      Just exchanged wet feet and mosquitos into hot weather and not enough water… but: I am getting close to halfway!! Have a great time in Edinburgh!


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