PNT day 41 – Off-trail to Mazama


PCT Spring Camp (697.5) to Mazama

2.3 miles + 13 miles on the PCT

It was still a bit chilly when I started hiking at 8 am. Last night had been dominated by the deer and I had to scare it away a couple of times before I finally could get some sleep.

I made my way back to the main PCT (even the small sidetrails to the campsites are better than most of the PNT!) and started hiking downhill towards Holman Pass. Of course I bumped into several other hikers again, even on that short section. Way too fast I arrived at the trail junction where I had to leave the PCT again and turn towards Devils Pass.

I went around the corner and was on the PNT again. And it was all too obvious: Downed trees all over the place! I scrambled over a couple until I thought “No way! I am not gonna do this again!”

The decision was quick and I had heard about it one time too often. I would go back to the PCT, hike another 13 miles south and hitch out from Hart’s Pass.

Back on the PCT I just enjoyed the well-maintained trail and the awesome scenery around. For a while I hiked with Beekeeper – a woman from California who was out for the weekend. And I bumped into Rocks and his girlfriend Cara. We sat together for a while until I hiked on. We would see each other again on Tuesday because we had a permit for the same campsite.

It was past 4 when I arrived at Hart’s Pass. There didn’t seem to be any traffic at all and so I was waiting 45 minutes next to the road. At least there was a couple giving some trail magic at the campground and so I got a Coke to sweeten up my waiting time.

I spotted a white pick-up truck making its way down the mountain and got ready to pull out my thumb when it drove past.

The car stopped and Susan and Dennis – two campers from Winthrop – gave me a ride down the mountain to Mazama. Together we looked for the Hiker hut – Ravensong’s Roost where I wanted to stay for the next couple of nights. Thank you so much for taking care of me guys! It was a great ride!

At the Roost I was welcomed by Sterling – a PNTA employee. I pitched my tent in the backyard and had a long shower. Tomorrow I need to go to the store and do some laundry. I also need to look for some new shoes or buy some superglue.

It was yesterday when I had lunch and took my shoes off that I recognized that the soles started to come off. The glue was fading. And all that after “only” 300 miles. I had LaSportiva Ultra Raptors before and usually they lasted around 800 miles. I couldn’t explain myself why this pair didn’t. It was annoying.

So another point on my TO DO list for tomorrow is going to the outfitter. Hopefully I can find what I need!

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