PNT day 40 – 13 miles PCT


Pasayten Airfield (677.7) to PCT Spring Camp (697.5)

19.8 miles

Rocks packed up his stuff in less than five minutes and was ready to go. He was short on food and he would take another trail that would get him to Hart’s Pass from where he wanted to hitch to Mazama.

I packed up much slower and started hiking on the PNT alternate. It was about four miles until I reconnected to the main route that wasn’t recommended at this time. I wouldn’t recommend the alternate either!

After a while of hiking through wet plants that hung over the trail I had to climb over more and more downed trees. It turned out to be a really challenging obstacle course. Even when I hit the main route again the scramble was ongoing. This forest was a mess!

I didn’t really like it. Climbing over or around a fallen pine tree and at the same time trying not to hurt my foot too much and not to destroy my backpack wasn’t easy. I made slow progress and was already far behind my schedule. Would this ever end?

After what seemed an eternity and lots of blood, sweat and tears the downed trees got less and I started climbing towards Frosty Pass. It wasn’t frosty at all when I switched around a total of eleven corners on a hot mountain side.

When I got to a small creek I soaked my shirt in it and it kept me cool all the way to the top. Frosty Pass was quite nice but I wanted to get to the PCT as quick as possible. It was downhill until Castle Pass from where the PNT and the PCT would use the same trail for 13 miles.

It was already 3 pm when I stopped for lunch at Hopkins Pass. Climbing further up the trail got more and more scenic. The PCT was just very special! Scenic mountain panoramas as well as a well-maintained trail made the second half of today very enjoyable.

As I was late I didn’t make it all the way to Holman Pass as planned but I made it to a nice campsite next to a spring. I already had a deer around my tent licking off my pee.(deer are attracted to the salt in our pee!) Hopefully it will not bother me all night by making noises. And hopefully it will remain the only wildlife for tonight!

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