PNT day 48 – Concrete


Silver Creek Camp (819.9) to Baker Lake Road – Concrete (830.0)

10.1 miles

I woke up after one of my best trail nights ever! Silver Creek Camp has been so peaceful! Nevertheless I was a bit disappointed as I had no mountain view in the morning. A little drizzle reminded me of a chance of rain from the clouds that were hanging over Baker Lake. I packed up quickly and hit the trail to hike the last ten miles or so to the point from where I could hitch into town.

Baker Lake Trail was as nice as yesterday and the only excitement was a small section that was not accessible for stock riders due to a landslide. But it wasn’t too bad at all. I dreamed about town, good food and a comfy bed and as soon as I started to see more and more day hikers my excitement grew with every step!

The trailhead came earlier as I expected. I had to follow a forest road for a while that led me across Baker Dam. Very impressive!

Short after the dam I reached Kulshan Camp – a drive-in campground build by the power company. I stood there for a while but as it was around lunchtime not many people drove back and I thought my hitching chances were higher at Baker Lake Road. And so I hiked one mile on Concrete to reach the junction with Baker Lake Road. Standing in a not so good place I couldn’t believe it when a big pick-up truck with a trailer on top and a boat behind stopped in the middle of the road. Turned out Gene was camping with his family and now he would take me to Concrete. We chatted about my hike and his camping until he dropped me off in the center of town. Another great ride! Thank you!!

In town I had to find out that the one and only Motel had no vacancy. There was another one a bit further away. I started walking down the street when I saw two familiar looking backpacks outside the laundromat. I entered the building and said Hi to Cara and Rocks and another hiker couple – Cloudy and Sunshine. Cara and Rocks wanted to head out in the afternoon while the other two stayed another night at the Cascade Mountain Lodge our of town. As I was already there I undressed, got into my rain jacket and started doing laundry.

Afterwards we were all aiming for the 5b bakery to get some food. It was good and so I decided to come back for breakfast. I had to come back in the morning anyway to go to the post office to pick up my maps and bounce my box ahead.

It was late afternoon when I finally checked in and had a well-warned and long shower. It was great!

I went over and chatted for a while with Cloudy and Sunshine in their room. But soon I went back into my room, took care of my sore feet and relaxed in the comfy bed. My town day was over way too quick…!

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