PNT day 28 – Republic

Pacific Northwest Trail - Republic

Trail Camp at Spring (454.0) to Sherman Pass (460.1)

6.1 miles

Rip got up early to get into town. I took a little longer but still shook off the last mosquito around 7 am when I hit the trail. To Sherman Pass and Hwy 20 it was mostly downhill or so I thought… in reality I had to do quite a bit of climbing before I could descend along the mountainside already hearing the traffic noise from the highway. Still I took my time and took some photos here and there. I don’t want to race.

Arriving at the highway I put my thumb out for the first car and thought it would pass by. But it didn’t. Turned out it was two Canadians from Vancouver on their way back from a running competition. For the next 17 miles I relaxed in the back of their car. I even enjoyed the conversation we had.

They dropped me off at the Northern Inn right in town. It looked like a nice place to stay. The woman at the reception said they are booked out for the night. My mood dropped significantly until she checked again and miraculously found a room for me. 90 bucks lighter I made my way into my domicile for the night and immediately started town chores. Laundry was quite spectacular as the laundromat across the street was very old fashioned and the owner a nearly deaf old lady.

But it was cheap and did the job and roughly two hours after check in I was showered and in clean clothes and ready to discover Republic’s culinary offerings.

Mexican was my food of choice and with a full belly I went into the grocery store to buy my resupply. Walking there I saw a sign in front of the library about a speech held at the brewery that evening by Jennifer Pharr Davis – the woman who holds the speed record for hiking the Appalachian Trail. What a timing I thought and decided to go there. For me it is always interesting to see how people manage to make money out of their hiking adventure. The speech was good and involved even the majority of non-hiking people in the audience. No wonder a lot of them went to the front in the end to buy one of Jennifer’s books. Man, I wish I could sell my story like that!

Another drink at the bar and I was ready for bed. Town days are usually packed with things to do and I was already looking forward to a bit of a longer rest in Oroville. But of course I have to hike there first!

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