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Pacific Northwest Trail - Republic

PNT day 28 – Republic

Trail Camp at Spring (454.0) to Sherman Pass (460.1) 6.1 miles Rip got up early to get into town. I took a little longer but still shook off the last mosquito around 7 am when I hit the trail. To Sherman Pass and Hwy 20 it was mostly downhill…

PNT day 27 – Kettle Crest Trail

Boulder Creek Summit Camp (433.5) to Trail Camp at Spring (454.0) 20.5 miles It was 5:45am. I didn't wake up to the sound of birds as usual. I woke up to the hammering sound of a tree harvester. Leaving my tent I saw that the machine was working…

PNT day 26 – Forest Roads Part II

Pierre Lake Camp (412.4) to Boulder Creek Summit Camp (433.5) 21.1 miles + 1.4 miles off-trail When I arrived back at the trail junction I bumped into Indie and Hummingbird. They had caught up quick! Together we shooted down the road towards…

PNT day 25 – Forest Roads

Northport (390.1) to Pierre Lake Camp (412.4) 22.3 miles + 1.4 miles off-trail I started quite late into todays hike. After saying thank you and goodbye to my trail angels Jami and Josh I went to the Mustang Grill for breakfast. I had eggs…