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Bear and black crows spanning their wings in the Trail Side Zoo

Trail Side Zoo & Goodbye

8th July We stayed at a fantastic small motel nearby. The motel was run by an older couple: He was from England and she was from Germany. Unfortunately I am so bad with names! Very nice people. We were even allowed to wash our clothes inside…

AT Day 3: Singing in the rain

7th July 5 miles Bushcamp (1398.2) to Fort Montgomery (1403.2) I woke up to the sound of dripping water. It had been raining all night an it still was when I opened my eyes. My sleeping bag was damp and the sides of the tent were sprinkled…

AT Day 2: Attacked by a tick

6th July 12.4 miles Bushcamp (1385.8) to Bushcamp (1398.2) After breakfast and packing up our tent we started with climbing and squeezing our bodies through some narrow rocky sections. Shepherd always took the difficult way and climbed…

AT Day 1: Trying to be a hiker again

5th July 16.1 miles Greenwood Lake (1369.7) to Bushcamp (1385.8) We started at Greenwood Lake, a small town only one and a half hours by bus from New York City. There was a side-trail of about one mile leading to the Appalachian Trail…