PNT day 19 – Priest Lake & Upper Priest Lake


Kent Camp (278.6) to Geisinger Camp (296.2)

approx. 10 miles via Priest Lake

I woke up after a night of tossing and turning. My legs were aching pretty bad. Thank god I had planned a short day and just wanted to get to Upper Priest Lake for camping.

After a relaxed breakfast and a refreshing morning bath in the creek I started hiking. Instead of climbing up to Lookout Mountain and descending down again I would follow the Forest Road which stayed in the valley until I reached the Lionhead campground at Priest Lake. I just hike my own hike and oh boy! My legs were thankful for it!

The roadwalk wasn’t too bad at all. Inbetween I stopped and got out a special treat from my food bag: one of the energy bars Wilma had made for me. Yummy! I ate only one each day to make them last longer.

Walking along the road I saw more and more people camping at the side of the creek. It was the weekend and so people went outdoors. Unfortunately many of them had noisy fourwheelers or even motorbikes. I was still in Idaho!

Around lunchtime I reached the Lionhead campground. The guy at the entrance booth was selling cool drinks and icecream. I got a Magnum and a Pepsi and made my way through the campground towards the lake. The day use area was busy with young families but I found a spot to sit down and enjoy my icecold Pepsi. It was great!

Another couple of miles on a trail and I would reach the turn off to Geisinger Camp where I wanted to spend the night. The trail went through forest and was nicely shaded. Some people were picking Huckleberries at the side of the trail. Huckleberry season is a big thing here and it’s about to start. The next bear poop I saw on the trail had a purple color and it reminded me of my friend Nobody. He had told me that if I would eat nothing but huckleberries for a couple of days my poop would be purple. Thanks to him for trying so I don’t have to! 😉

Arriving at Geisinger Camp it looked like a great campsite with not too many people. There was a couple who had paddled in and they would stay the night. I picked a nice lake front campsite a bit further away on the other side of the food area. The campground was equipped with bear lockers and a privy. The view of the lake was just gorgeous! And you know what? I have seen my first moose! He was just going for a swim in the lake. How cool is that?!

Boats went by and I went for a swim too. My best bathing option for a while! It was great! For a long time it looked like we were the only ones camping at the site. It was late afternoon when a dad and his two noisy problem kids arrived. Just so much: I was glad not to be alone with them and I moved my tent behind the other couples tent to be away from this people. I also don’t feel comfortable with having my food in the bear locker way too close to these weird guys. Let’s hope for the best.

It came to my mind that I had moved my fully pitched tent only once so far in my backpacking career: it was in New Zealand when I camped way too close to some noisy guys from Israel. I still remember it and unfortunately I will always remember those people today that ruined one of the best camp spots for me.

However it’s been a great day! Tomorrow I will hopefully do some more miles again and hike along this wonderful lake for the first part. I need to get some rest now!

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