PNT day 8 – Kootenai Rails to Trails


Eureka (132.9) to Rexford (142.0)

9.1 miles

I left the Silverado Motel around 10ish and made my way down US Hwy 93 towards downtown Eureka. I wanted to go to Cafe Jax which was known amongst hikers for a good breakfast. Unbelievable I had to walk another two miles to get there. Clouds were hanging in the sky and yesterday’s sunshine was all forgotten especially as the first drops started dripping on me.

The breakfast at Cafe Jax turned out to be really good and came at a fair price. Fueled by a couple of eggs, bacon and some hash browns I made my way towards the end of town. I bumped into Caro and another couple of hikers again but didn’t make a big effort to be social as they were skipping to Oroville due to a limited schedule. I wanted to get going anyways as I had around ten miles to my destination Rexford at Lake Koocanusa.

I turned right and right again at the rails to follow the Kootenai Rails to Trails. As soon as I had left Eureka behind the sun was out again! Hiking along the railway line I saw lots and lots of deer. And even some wild turkeys!

As it was the “rails to Trails” trail I was kind of surprised when the rails ended very early. Well…

It was all flat and easy going along the Tobacco River. Countless good campsites lined my way. I was heading further towards the Lake Bench Camp. It was disappointing to get to know that camping at this well established car campground would cost me 12 dollars. No way! I’d rather invest that money into some food! And that’s exactly what I did. The Frontier bar was well known for a good chicken dish so I went there next to have a salad with chicken breast and some curly fries. It was plenty!

It was past 4 pm when I left looking out for a good campsite. (Camping at the Frontier was offered to me for 20 Dollars!) I headed towards a potential campsite that was marked on the map. I found two Picknick tables and a water spigot next to a busy road. Could that be it? I decided to look around a bit further and walked towards some trailers. Rexford seemed to be a collection of nice and new holiday homes and trailer parks.

I just walked along a road lined up with trailers wondering if this was a campground when big drops began to fall. Very soon I was standing under a pine tree seeking some shelter. Desperately I glanced at one of the nice looking wooden cabins. “Come over” someone waved at me. I didn’t need a second invitation. Within two minutes I had joined Nicole and Brad and their friends sitting under the generous roof of their newly buildt cabin. I got to know that they were all Canadians and they had bought the lots. So no public campground at all. But Nicole didn’t hesitate to offer me a spot to camp on their lot. I said yes and joined the crowd. I was invited to drinks and snacks – more than I could ever eat and drink! These guys were just awesome!

Later Rose and Scott showed up and it seemed to be second nature for them to invite me into their holiday home as they had a spare bed. That’s where I am staying tonight. More than well fed I am looking forward to a good nights sleep in a comfortable bed. The trail provides! Good night 🙂

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