Time for a new adventure

Since mid-March I am back into the “normal” world of working. It took me a long time to finally find something I thought would be the chance of my life – regarding work. Very soon I had to realize that also a high-paid office job is just an office job. That’s it. I also had to move into the industrial heart of Germany and the birthplace of Germany’s still very successful automotive industry. But I don’t like it.

The area around Stuttgart is too crowded. there’s way too much traffic and the people are not the same. Way too fast after finishing my big adventure on the PCT  I found myself stuck again in a life I don’t want to live. But what to do?

I had a friend. Brad aka Shepherd. He has a blog on the internet that I am following and I know him since I did my planning for the PCT. Since then we wrote countless e-mails, chatted via what’s app or even talked to each other but we’ve never met. At some stage we decided it’s time to make a Change.

On July the 1st I found myself sitting in the waiting area at Stuttgart airport, ready to board an airplane to New York to meet this Australian guy I have never met before. You think I am crazy? Yes, maybe…. Stay tuned!



getting my gear ready



airplane at Munich airport

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