PCT Day 1 – A new beginning


Paradise Valley Café to Cedar Springs

10,9 miles (+ 1 on sidetrail)

My feet were digging into the sand of the Californian desert. I looked around. Behind me I could see the hill I have come down three years ago. Unable to proceed.

Something had called me back. For the last three years my life was some kind of a rollercoaster. The only stable in my mind were my thoughts of the PCT. Flashbacks of a happy time.

I take another step and after a while the beauty of the trail has me back. The desert is just wonderful! I make my way through Manzanita trees and pass some cacti. It’s a bit cloudy today and therefore not too hot. It’s actually a nice hiking temperature.

Where will it take me? I always wanted to be back on the trail. Now that I am here I am wondering if it’s the right thing…. can I do it again? Will my body hold up this time? Or am I not made for this kind of adventure?

I take another step and push away the upcoming thoughts of home and the cozy bed I slept in last night. It doesn’t help. First I need to become a strong PCT hiker again. It’s the 22nd of April. Exactly three years ago I started to Hike the PCT at the Mexican border.

Today I am back.

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