PCT day 16 – Along Holcomb Creek


Small stream camp (286.7) to Beach Camp (298.5)

11.7 miles

After yesterday’s big day today was meant to be a bit shorter. I was aiming for the bridge near Splinter’s Cabin. Under the bridge some nice beachy campsites were supposed to be as well as a private beach. How does that sound?

I left my sleeping bag around 6.30 am for my usual morning bathroom break. It was icy and cold outside and after taking a photo of the ice on my tent I disappeared back into my warm world of downs.

It was around 8 when I decided to have breakfast and slowly start into the day. I hit the trail at 8:35. The first half of the day would lead me along Holcomb Creek with enough spots to get water and so I carried a light load. The trail followed the Creek and crested along the sides of the canyon passing by some impressive sand stone boulders.

The sun was out and yesterday’s clouds were all gone. It was a wonderful day! Two crossings of Holcomb Creek reminded me a bit of the Mission Creek section I had enjoyed a lot. Generally I love hiking along water!

The second half of the day offered some small climbs although the general direction of the trail was downhill. I stopped for lunch at a very big campground next to the trail and joined a couple for the usual tuna wrap. I supplemented it with some string cheese and beef jerky followed by a handful of trail mix. I already started to loose fat around my hips. Another four miles and I would reach the bridge. I sped up a bit looking forward to an afternoon dip in the cold refreshing water.

Arriving at the bridge I headed down for the beach and set up camp quickly. It was only 3 pm and so I was the first hiker around. I took the chance to wash some dust off my socks and gaiters. The cool water felt nice on my legs but it was actually too cold to swim – at least for me. I was just lying in my tent and had started journaling when the campsite filled with other hikers. Of course I would not be alone at a spot like this.

Same as last night. Caveman, a bit a weird guy, had shown up and I had been quite happy that a third older hiker camped close by.

Tonight it’s beach camping under the bridge. There’s quite a bit of a breeze going and I hope it dies down for the night. Dinner is almost ready. Cold soaked Ramen! And tomorrow I am heading for Deep Creek Hot Springs. It’s supposed to be a place of varying clothing levels 😉

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