Day 31: One month on trail


22. Mai
 Casa de Luna (mile 478.2) to Sawmill Campground (mile 498.3)
 Approx. 15 miles
 We got free coffee and pancakes at the Andersons for breakfast.
 Then we headed out to hitch a part of the following Fire closure to Lake Hughes. I had the idea of painting a cardboard sign and it worked! We got a hitch after two minutes on the road.
 From Lake Hughes it was about five miles roadwalk. Again it was hard on my knees and I was happy once we reached a sidetrail back to the PCT.
 We met Banjoe again and sat together for a long time until we went on. We climbed another ridge and then followed it along until we reached Sawmill Campground which is a bit off trail. But it is a nice place.
 For dinner I tried to rehydrate a Pasta Menu I found in the Hiker box. It wasn’t tasty and I couldn’t finish it. I had some more M&Ms instead. Tomorrow I’ll have Ramen noodles. A stable.
 We are quite high and it seems to get cold tonight. I am wearing my full set of sleep clothes.
 One month ago I started this hike at the border to Mexiko.
 So many things have happened in the past month. I have met so many people. All good people.
 I have learned some lessons, found out a lot about my own body, about limits and strenghts, about endurance. Mental endurance and the will to keep going if things turn bad.
 We all have to learn our lessons out here and a lot of hikers already left the trail.
 I am still here and I will go to Canada. Stay tuned.




a trailworker – I could say thank you!!


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  1. John Wilson
    John Wilson says:

    Hallo Sonja; Wie geht es ihnen heute?

    Hope you are doing well, and enjoying your adventure. i just thought i would say hello, and send some encouragement your way… I am enjoying your blog; both the writing and the pictures are great!

    Quote: “I am still here and I will go to Canada.” Yes, you will!

    Bestes Glück!

    Canada Goose

      • John Wilson
        John Wilson says:

        I would love to say that I am writing from the trail, or that I have a Mountain cabin close to Manning Park, but no…just following your adventure from home in Brampton Ontario. Have always wanted to do the PCT; this would have been a good year for me, as I do not like the heat so much, and I think this year has been cooler than most. I did the Appalachian Trail in sections over a number of years, so I can tell you that perseverance pays off. I was a little bit worried for you because of your knee issues, but today’s post was very inspirational. I read somewhere that writing down your goal can help give you the mental strength to complete it. Well, you did that! It’s great also, that you have the support of Navigator; a friend in need is a friend indeed 🙂

        Ich wünsche Ihnen alles Gute!

        Canada Goose

        • lifetimetrails
          lifetimetrails says:

          Hi Canada Goose!
          Definitely do the PCT. It’s awesome and I think even if it’s hot you can handle it.
          But you are right. We have some cold weather this year. We did some walking on the Aqueduct today and it was nice and cool. Sometimes I even complain about the cold… 🙂
          I hope my knee holds up. It’s not 100% yet but we will do not more than 15 miles a day until Tehachapi. So I have some time to get in shape again.
          Greetings to Brampton. Have a good time too!


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