PCT day 11 – Sightseeing


Mission Camp (239.9) to Arrestre Trailcamp (256.2)

16.3 miles

I woke up from a freezing cold night. It was actually hard to stay warm in the tent. I wished the campfire was still going… My goal for today was to get to the next watersource which was a campground on trail as well. Some of the other hikers had the same plan. It left us with around 10 miles for the next day to Hwy 18 and the hitch into Big Bear Lake.

I was looking forward to a couple of rest days. The hike today wasn’t too bad apart from the 2.7 liters of water I carried. When I left Mission Camp to hike the first bit of uphill the grey and red sharp alpine rocks from yesterday had changed overnight into the sand colored round Sierra-like stones. I loved this kind of landscape! That being said it didn’t stay the same. Instead the landscape was changing constantly today. That’s what I love so much about this trail: everyday you’ll see something new, every day is different!

Today was also a bit of sightseeing: first the trail would pass Coon Creek Cabin which turned out to be an abandoned ruin and later on the trail would pass a private zoo. But also the second sight didn’t keep its promises. Where animals from film and TV shows used to be kept only empty cages lined up along the trail. A red and blue sign explained “For sale”. It was a bit disappointing. I aimed for the next shaded spot to have some lunch. Tuna on tortilla as most days on trail. Herbs and garlic flavor. Compared to 2016 there were more flavors available and also (depending on the flavor) the number of calories per pouch went up. Not bad!

From my lunch spot it was a bit further uphill towards Onyx Summit. I thought of my friends Mary and Jim and their cabin in about 20 miles distance. A nice place in the mountains to spend the hot summer months. I actually like the idea of a house in the desert and a small cabin in the mountains to escape the heat. A perfect combination!

From Onyx Summit I had about four miles left to camp and it was all downhill. It was good to arrive early at Arrestre Camp as my feet needed some rest. Tomorrow I will nail down my first 100 miles on the trail so far. My body holds up pretty well but I know that it will take at least another couple of weeks to get in full hiker shape. It’s a critical time for me as my injury last time happened after a bit more than 100 miles. Therefore I try to take things slow, hike at my own pace and have enough rest days to give my body time to recover. Hopefully my strategy will work out fine!

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  1. Mary
    Mary says:

    Can’t wait to hear that you have arrived in Wrightwood! So happy that your first 100 went well. Take care, we are cheering you on.


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