PCT day 12 – Into town


Arrastre Trail Camp (256.2) to Hwy 18 (266.1)

9.9 miles

The night had been cold but not as bad as the last one. I managed to stay in my sleeping bag until short before 6 am but then had to leave my tent to jump behind a tree.

I went to sleep for a little while longer before I packed up my stuff. The sun hasn’t arrived in The Valley we all camped yet and so it was freezing cold. With numb fingers I packed my tent and while I started hiking I asked myself what I had gloves for if they were never handy when needed.

I tried to hike out of the valley quick to get into the sunshine I could see ahead. Eventually I reached full sun and could take off my puffy jacket and fill up some more water at the last source before highway 18. Today was town day and town days are always special.

The first half of my hike I chewed on a bad dream I had awaken from in the morning. Strange enough someone from the past had appeared in my dreams now a couple of times. Someone long forgotten… I wiped away the bad thoughts that came up with it and concentrated on town chorus I wanted to get done in Big Bear Lake. A shower, laundry, resupply, of course plenty of good foods and I also wanted to buy some lightweight flipflops for camp and in town. Other than that I wanted to see Daniel again for a massage, go to the cinema and just relax. Hopefully that would all fit in just two and a half days!

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