PCT day 18 – Group experience


Rainbow bridge camp (310) to Gleghorn Picnic Area (328.1)

18.1 miles

Last night had restored my faith in the hiker community. It was just me and Smiles under the bridge for a long time until an older couple from Washington state joined us. Most hikers – thank god – shooted past the nearly invisible steep sidetrail to our beach paradise. Two more girls popped in later – Gigs and Lea.

The night was quiet and I was good to go for an early start. I was aiming for Gleghorn Picnic area. As I am lying here in my sleeping bag it was not a bad decision. Fish Tank – a hiker from 2018 had set up some amazing trail magic to give back to the community. Afterwards I joined one of the two groups (it seems like you have to be a member of a group these days on the PCT, at least if you’re in your twenties) for pizza and beer. So lots of calories for me today!

The hike was quite scenic too today: the first couple of miles still leading through the Mojave River Canyon until we got to a very big valley. The next attraction was the Mojave River Dam – quite impressive.

In the afternoon I reached Silverwood Lake. Smiles would stay at the first picnic area while I wanted to keep going another three miles to pizza and trailmagic (is it really trail “magic” if you know it’s there well ahead of time, thanks to comments on Guthook?!).

Well, I got it all. That’s the good news! The bad news are probably rain and thunderstorms for Saturday and Sunday. Looks like my hike into Wrightwood isn’t gonna be that easy!

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